Dr. Nicola K Abram

Founder and Executive Director of Living Landscape Alliance

Dr Nicola Abram is the founder and Co-Director of Living Landscape Alliance. Nicola is also an Adjunct Research Fellow at The University of Queensland, a Spatial Planning Adviser to the NGO HUTAN, a collaborating scientist to the Borneo Futures initiative, and a Review Editor for the open science publishing platform Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (Conservation Section). Nicola has a PhD in Biodiversity Management (DICE, University of Kent) that focused on oil palm and forest landscapes. She also has an MSc in Conservation Science (Imperial College London), and a BSc in Ecology (University of East Anglia).

Nicola is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist with over ten years of combined professional and academic experience in biodiversity conservation. Her work orientates to try and understand issues surrounding sustainability and biodiversity conservation in landscapes to try and help solve ‘real-world’ problems, positioning this work at the research-policy-implementation nexus. Her particular area of expertise integrates interdisciplinary spatial planning with social, economic and policy dimensions to promote better overall natural resource management and use of landscapes, to concurrently enable sustainable development with biodiversity conservation.

More broadly, Nicola has varied international conservation and research experience in many ecological systems such as on forest function and ecosystem services; as well as social systems such as surveying forest-dependent communities in Madagascar on illegal resource harvesting, and capacity building of rural communities in South Africa. She also has several years of professional experience in environmental education, outreach and public engagement.










Also see https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Nicola_Abram


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